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The portal about italian quality food kosher certified.

All the companies and Made in Italy products that respect international Kasherut rules.

The project


The development of this App falls within the broader scope of the “Promoting the Made-in-Italy Agro-Food Certification” project promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development in partnership with Federalimentare, Federbio, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane) and the Islamic Cultural Center in Italy (Centro Islamico Culturale d'Italia), with the support of the technical and organizational competencies of Fiere di Parma Spa.

  1. This site (app) is a beta version which is being improved and, for this reason, one of its information could be modified after further checks and changes of the software;

  2. The available information on the site (app) is provided by the interested firms which, therefore,  are solely responsible for the validity and truth of the data iussed.

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The Kosher Italian Guide

The Kosher Italian Guide is intended to be an important showcase for Italian companies producing certified kosher products and a useful tool for consumers interested in certified Products, by helping them to easily find “Made-in-Italy” Kosher food and drinks

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What is the Kasherut

The Kashrut is the set of Jewish religious dietary laws. The adjective ‘kasher’ or ‘kosher’ means fitting, compliant and appropriate and indicates the foods apt for consumption insofar as they comply with the rules; the opposite of kosher is ‘trefah’.

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Kosher Italian Guide at the Cibus

June 28, 2016

An App for Kosher-certified Made-in-Italy products was presented at Cibus on 10 May.

The first production of Kosher Parmigiano Reggiano is already sold-out

June 28, 2016

The Bertinelli Dairy Farm’s yearly production capacity is of 5,000 wheels of kosher Parmigiano Reggiano: the first year’s production is already all sold-out, testifying to the interest raised by this brand-new product.

The "Jewish in the city 2016" Festival

June 28, 2016

From 29 to 31 May 2016, Milan will host the third edition of “Jewish in the City”, the international festival dedicated to the city’s Jewish Community.

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